1.1 Shipping

Portugal and islands: 5€

Europe :10€

Rest of the World: 20€


1.2 Payment Methods

In the online store, the payment methods are: ATM, MBWay, Paypal and Credit Card.

As indicated in the payment menu when finalizing the purchase, and no other means of payment will be accepted.

The Customer shall pay only the exact amount specified in the confirmation of each order, and shall do so using only the payment methods described above. Otherwise, if the Customer tries to use another payment method not foreseen, Olivian cannot be held responsible for the loss of the payment or any other damages that may arise from it.


1.3 Confirmation or Cancellation

After making your purchase, the Customer will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the transaction which should be printed or saved for future reference. 

Your order will only be processed after confirmation of the respective payment. In case of non-payment or non-compliance or non-confirmation of these General Conditions, _Olivian reserves the right not to accept the customer's order, or to cancel it, even after the automatic confirmation of the same.

Olivian reserves the right not to confirm and/or proceed with the delivery of the products of the order placed by the Customer, regardless of the reason and exempts itself from responsibility for any damages or costs, if: 

- any unforeseeable event or change in current circumstances that may affect production, transportation and related costs, or cause abnormal increases in raw material prices;

- if, for any reason, it is impossible to correctly collect and receive the respective payment;

- if the ordered products are no longer available; 

- if the order has been placed with errors in the data essential for the delivery of the order;

- if the order is flagged by the website's security systems as an incorrect, irregular and/or fraudulent order.


In any of these cases, Olivian will inform the Client by e-mail of the impossibility of confirming the sale and the consequent cancellation of the order, returning the amount paid for the items.


1.4 Delivery

In cases where the Client opts for the Transport service, the same is provided by CTT.

In case you wish to present a complaint related to the unloading and/or assembly, it should be addressed by e-mail to CTT, and complemented with photographs to prove it.


1.5 Delivery Deadlines

Barring any exceptional situation, the items will be delivered within a maximum of 5 to 7 days (for on-order items) after the order is placed. In the event of a delay due to force majeure, _Olivian undertakes to inform the Customer and make every effort to quickly resolve the situation.


1.6 Exchanges/Returns/Claims

Under current legislation, if the goods do not conform to the contract, the consumer is entitled to have the goods restored to conformity with the contract free of charge, either by repair or replacement, or to have the price reduced appropriately or to have the contract rescinded. The consumer must report the lack of conformity within a maximum period of two months from its discovery and may exercise the rights described when the lack of conformity becomes apparent within a period of up to two years from delivery of the goods.

The Customer may freely terminate the contract of purchase and sale of the products, without the payment of any compensation and without the need to invoke any reason, within 14 days after physical possession of the goods. You will be reimbursed for the amount paid for the ordered products, and the costs of returning them shall be borne by the Customer. You may exercise your right to free termination of the contract by filling out the following:

" Free Resolution Form Template

(you must complete and return this form only if you wish to terminate the contract)

- To [insert name, geographical address and possibly fax number and e-mail address of the professional]:

- I/We (*) hereby give notice that I/We (*) withdraw from my/our (*) purchase contract for the following good/for the provision of the following service (*)

- Requested on (*)/received on (*)

- Name of consumer(s)

— Endereço do(s) consumidor(es)

- Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is notified on paper)

(*) Strike out what does not matter "

In any case, we will only accept returns of articles that are without any trace of use/alteration, in perfect original condition and accompanied by all accessories that constitute them. It is the Client's responsibility to properly pack the articles to be returned.



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