A tribute to FRIENDSHIP, thus is born OLIVIAN.
Thought to endure and create bonds based on quality, elegance and simplicity.

We identify ourselves with a lifestyle that values balance, well-being and tranquility, offering the possibility of making conscious choices.

We intend to create a positive impact on the environment, promoting the production of durable, comfortable and sustainable pieces.

All pieces, and everything that surrounds them, are produced in national companies, being unique for it's handmade confection.

This is what defines us.

Two friends who challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone, while respecting each other and wanting to create moments of sharing.

We want to create memories, make a difference, surprising you with our care and dedication in every box you open.

Viviana e Ângela

"Those who pass by us do not go alone,
they don't leave us alone they leave a little of themselves
take a little bit of us".

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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